Why everything is so hard

Take a snapshot of where you are in your life right now. Everything is a product of who you are and what you've done until now. If you're in a great place then you're lucky, your upbringing plus the things you naturally enjoy brought you the life you wanted. If you're not, you're not so lucky.

In a recent difficult period of building my app, I was lamenting out loud, "Why does everything have to be so hard?!" This wasn't the first time I'd said this, feeling sorry for myself, but it was the first time I really understood why. Everything was so hard because I was trying to change my life, which by definition meant doing things I'd never done, which by definition, I sucked at, and therefore were hard.

To change your life is to stop doing things you've been doing, and start doing things you haven't. But to do something new is to be a beginner again, a baby. Walking isn't hard… except if you've never done it. Just like building an app isn't hard, except if you've never done it.

This is obvious to the point of absurdity, yet hard to really appreciate if my past rate of lamenting is any indication. But once it clicked for me everything changed. Now when I fell flat on my face doing something new, I get up and keep walking, just like a baby.