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Mark Rabo
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Winter Tubing

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Pure mayhem

No brakes, no steering, and just enough bounce to launch you into the air. The tube is the perfect tool for creating and experiencing mayhem on the hills.



The GT SnoRacer

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The first toboggan I really wanted was the GT SnoRacer. There was nothing like it at the time. The most common downhill vehicle was the boring old toboggan and the magic carpet, both of which you couldn't steer and both of which your parents would ride. The GT SnoRacer was different – there was no way your mom or dad was getting on that.

I can't believe my parents actually bought me one. Thinking about it now, they must not have known how dangerous it was, how easy it was to get your legs caught in the skis and broken in half. Somehow I convinced them to get me one.

The one pictured below is the "Supreme" edition, the most popular one, recognizable with the very effective foot brakes. The version I had was V1, the regular GT SnoRacer with the completely useless hand brake, which in practice only served as another surface to catch you legs in.

I remember how cool that SnoRacer was. There was a big hill called Centennial Hill not too far from our house (it was one of those garbage piles turned parks which I only found out much later – they did a good job hiding that). That's where we rode the GT. There were always a few kids with them and there were always ramps too. It was usually the SnoRacer kids that were making them. 

I remember one night where I flew off one of the ramps and landed badly (it was hard to jump with a snow racer because the position of the steering wheel leaned you forward) and lost control. As I tumbled, my leg became mixed up with the skis and I distinctly remember tumbling down the hill, feeling with every rotation like someone was trying to break my shin like they were breaking a branch over their leg. That was my last ride on a SnoRacer. When I stopped I walked it down the hill and never got on it again. The spell was broken.

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Journal // March 24, 2018

Waiting for weather

Being a motorcycle rider I'm hyper-aware of the weather around the transition between winter and spring. I've also been in a car accident during a snow storm in mid-April, so I know enough to know that you don't count winter out in March. 

Most years I'm hoping for no snow but this year I've my fingers crossed for just one more, with just enough snow for one last tubing session. And it looks like there's some snow coming next weekend 🤞